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By Martina Schramm

The difficulty I see in many tournaments each year is that their marketing is more of the same. 

Old tips from organizations who claim to be the experts – well experts who stood still in 1999. Hence their advice is based on the past century when not as many charity tournaments where taking place all over the country.You still hear the same old story … committee etc. etc. etc. Fine, if you want to have a committee because you always had one then keep it up.  If you want to kick up your tournament to a 2018 and beyond level – change is inevitable. The key is marketing and promoting your tournament. If you ace that your fundraising will come along with it and increase from before.  What do most tournaments do to market their tournament?

  • Create a flyer
  • Put it out to their members
  • Advertise on their own page
  • Spread the word with their own contacts

All not bad and it can be a part of your marketing. But it is simply not enough anymore. Oh, and then there is of course the Eventbrite listing!

This is what you should do the minute when you decide to have a charity golf tournament:

  1. Get a professional tournament registration website.
  2. Get a domain for your tournament, example: ShareAMeal.com  
  3. Engage in social media – ask anyone in your charity and your supporter circle to “spread” the info with a link on their pages (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter)
  4. Repetition, repetition, repetition – Don’t think once is enough. Don’t flood people but keep them informed. Signing up a new sponsor – spread the news!

The key is to prepare yourself with the RIGHT tools. Your flyer, trifold etc. is not good enough anymore. People want to go online and sign up, they do not want to print out forms and write checks to mail them in. It’s about the convenience and the ability to “do it right now”. And the excuse “oh my golfers are older” is not valid. Have you seen the T-Mobile commercial recently?

Bottomline, when it comes to your tournament … Flip the switch from “fundraising” to “marketing”.

About the Author: Martina Schramm

Mrs. Schramm has an extensive background in marketing and PR for national and international companies. She has been producing golf tournaments since 2004 and is a certified golf tournament advisor. In 2012 she co-founded Launching4Charity offering a unique closest to the pin contest on a par4 with the Golf Ball PRO Launcher (TM) and developed a special ball, the Dart Golf Ball (TM) together with her partner. The company has grown into Par4Enterainment, LLC with locations throughout the US offering nationwide services. She has been involved in more than 1000 tournaments over the years and loves to share her insight and experience with tournament planners and charities. Her belief is that a golf tournament should be seen as an event and not just 18 holes of fundraising for one day. 
She can be contacted through www.par4entertainment.com

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