Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor For most of the decade, golf participation was trending downward. That changed in 2018 when golf participation rose for the first time in 14 years. While most of us love golf, we should all be in agreement that there’s room for improvement to help grow the sport’s popularity. [...]

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor With course closures and dwindling rounds, it’s imperative to find the next generation of golf enthusiasts. Spending four or more hours outdoors isn’t necessarily a high priority for today’s youth and the game of golf carries certain stigmas that may turn away a lot of younger players. So [...]

Pitching the golf ball
Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor Golf underwent a slew of rule changes to begin the 2019 season. Most of these changes were met with a sigh of relief, lowering the burden on individual golfers to understand extremely nuanced rules. The majority of these rule changes were self-explanatory, simplifying some of the more debated [...]

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor The golf handicap system is one of the most misunderstood topics in the golf world. While most veteran golfers know what their handicap is, hardly any of us know what goes into determining that number and how it changes. Here we will take a look at how your [...] Local Golf Tournaments

Most golfers are set in their ways. They’ll play the same course every day, with the same group, with the same tee time in perpetuity. And while we love our home course and our regular companions, the game can often get stale. Tournament golf is a great way to freshen up your routine, see new courses, or burn some downtime on your next business trip. Instead of becoming burnt out by the same old same old every time you hit the course, consider these reasons why you should play in more golf tournaments.

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