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By Martina Schramm

Every golf tournament should be a fun experience for your golfer. But there is a fine line between fun and silly. Golfers in general are a fun group but seeing events where grown men are being pushed into wearing a tutu – well maybe at a kid’s birthday, but not on the golf course. Yes, they will not express that and rather grin and bear it being a good sport, but you do not want to hear the comments on the next hole.

I went to a tournament a couple of years ago where they had a completely different version of a putting contest. Face it no one ever wins the big money prize so why bother and buy insurance. At this tournament they had set up different liquor bottles all around the putting green – if you are opposed to alcohol you can use anything else – and golfers got to pick up whichever bottle their ball hit. It turned out to be a highlight everyone enjoyed. In general, a putting contest is a good way to involve non-golfers at your tournament. You can integrate some non-golfer fund raising as well with it.

Another tournament had placed some obstacles in the fairway making it tougher for the golfers to play a par 5. Granted this was a Halloween tournament hence they had set up some hay bails and scare crows. Yet it was fun, and they called it the challenge hole.

With all your efforts to make your tournament fun and different from others bear in mind that no matter how much fun golfers like to have make it appropriate for a golf tournament with grown up men. Not to say they don’t like to be silly on occasion.

About the Author: Martina Schramm

Mrs. Schramm has an extensive background in marketing and PR for national and international companies. She has been producing golf tournaments since 2004 and is a certified golf tournament advisor. In 2012 she co-founded Launching4Charity offering a unique closest to the pin contest on a par4 with the Golf Ball PRO Launcher (TM) and developed a special ball, the Dart Golf Ball (TM) together with her partner. The company has grown into Par4Enterainment, LLC with locations throughout the US offering nationwide services. She has been involved in more than 1000 tournaments over the years and loves to share her insight and experience with tournament planners and charities. Her belief is that a golf tournament should be seen as an event and not just 18 holes of fundraising for one day. 
She can be contacted through

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