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By Martina Schramm

We all know the joy of flying – there are separate charges for your seat, for early access, for your carry on, your checked baggage, use of the overhead bin and perhaps there will soon be a charge to use the restroom. And we are all growing tired of it, wishing back the days where you bought your ticket and that was it – go enjoy your flight.

Looking at many of golf tournaments – it’s not much different. As golfer you are charged for raffle tickets, mulligans, super-tickets, on course activities, auction items. A golf tournament is basically in line with the airlines charging you for everything separate before you even get to start golfing. As tournament organizer you have the choice to tell your golfers enjoy your round because you have the option to include everything.

Imagine your golfer driving up to the bag drop, walking up to check in no wallet needed just sign in and move on to breakfast, lunch, or go straight to their carts because they have already taken care of everything when they signed up for your tournament with your all-inclusive registration. Don’t just include golf and goodie bags, add the contests, some raffle tickets, mulligans and tell them to leave their wallet in the car. Of course, except for tipping the drink cart girl.

You should sit down and do the math adding up all your separate sale items. Is it really generating more revenue for your charity? What are the advantages? As golf tournament organizer you will have a much better overview about the money you raise from the get go.  If you think that someone will complain over the $50 more, well this is most likely the person who would not buy into all your offerings anyway.  Another advantage is that the golfer will have one convenient receipt for his payment versus cash out of his personal pocket.

Inclusion of all the different items in your sign up also eliminates the old excuse of “oh I left my wallet in the car” which results in a loss of revenue right there. Along with the underlying aspect of someone who did not have to pay anything all day may be much more inclined to put a bid on a silent auction item whereas otherwise in the back of his mind he will think “I have already dished out enough all day long”.

Apart from the monetary aspect of the all-inclusive golf tournament it is one way to avoid lines at registration. Check your golfers name, give them their goodie bag and wish them great day of golf with a smile.  There are also many other tasks where your volunteers manning the registration table can help you much more efficient.

About the Author: Martina Schramm

Mrs. Schramm has an extensive background in marketing and PR for national and international companies. She has been producing golf tournaments since 2004 and is a certified golf tournament advisor. In 2012 she co-founded Launching4Charity offering a unique closest to the pin contest on a par4 with the Golf Ball PRO Launcher (TM) and developed a special ball, the Dart Golf Ball (TM) together with her partner. The company has grown into Par4Enterainment, LLC with locations throughout the US offering nationwide services. She has been involved in more than 1000 tournaments over the years and loves to share her insight and experience with tournament planners and charities. Her belief is that a golf tournament should be seen as an event and not just 18 holes of fundraising for one day. 
She can be contacted through

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