Raleigh, NC – Information is the key to everything that we do at GolfTourney.com.  If you are visiting the site we know that you likely fit into one of two “buckets” of people: either you need to know key information about golf tournaments happening in your area in real-time or you want the people in the first “bucket” to know about the tournament that you are putting on.  We strive everyday to display that information in the most eye-pleasing way that we can.  To that end, we have made some significant updates to the event pages on the site that will make the event pages.  Fit with a beautiful background with and the event name plastered (in a good way) front and center like a billboard.  The Banner is also fit with an action-inducing countdown timer to create urgency for registering for the event.  All of the key information is above the fold and if the viewer wants more information they can simply scroll down to the Summary Section that gives them a little more.  A few modern icons hit on information that the attendee would really need to know and are fit with action-links that allow the golfers to either “Contact the Event” coordinator via an online form, “See Map” of the course and get directions, and “Register Now” for the event either on the site or are provided a link to do so on another registrations/ticketing platform outside of the site. “More Information” can be found if you continue to scroll the blue icon section which allows the event coordinator to really get in depth about what the event entails, the timing, accommodations, inclusions, pictures, terms, etc.  All of this relevant information captured in a fantastic digital envelop on the most relevant golf tournament website in the world.  We’ve supported over 8,000 golf events and counting and desire to continue to be the #1 Golf Tournament Website in the World.  The new page will likely be launched the first week of February 2017.

The rest of the page. (Can be different depending upon provided event information.)

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