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By: Chad Crawford
Senior Contributing Writer

Let’s face it…you can’t watch golf on TV or pick up a golf magazine without being sold a new swing technique. It seems that almost weekly, some “guru” is touting a magic swing that will take you from someone struggling to break 90, to being a scratch handicapper (For 3 easy payments of $29.99)! Trust me, I’ve tried them all. Golf SwingStack and Tilt, One Plane Swing, and just for good measure the “A” Swing! How much have any of these techniques helped my game? The answer would be little to not at all. I’m not saying the instruction is bad, or that the mastermind behind these swings doesn’t get good results teaching these methods to their students. What I am suggesting, is that unless you go to these instructors for one-on-one sessions, and spend hours perfecting their specific technique, you are very unlikely to see much improvement in your golf game. From personal experience, the best gains I’ve made as a player have come from mastering the basics (Grip, Stance, Aim and Alignment). Yes, I know, boring right? I was of a different opinion for years, and would jump from new method to new method in search of the magic swing. Mastering the fundamentals will allow you to find your “true” swing, and allow you to move the club in the most efficient manner for you! If you are trying to implement a different swing every month, your mind will be clouded with technique rather than the most important thing: where you want the ball to go. Good fundamentals take work to master, but are a must if you are to reach your full potential as a golfer. Improving my fundamentals, and trusting my own swing, has made the game SO much more enjoyable for me, and I know that it can make the same difference for you!

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  1. December 17, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    Well put Chad, I totally agree – GAS up your swing fundamentally.

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