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Go to the Range ya’ Dummy

5 reasons why you should not try to fix your game on the course

by Eric Crawford

Old Ranch Public Golf Practice Center – Seal Beach, CA

1.  Sporadicus – One may go left, the next right; how do you play confident golf when you aren’t quite sure which way the ball is going to fly? Hitting on the range will allow you the opportunity to hone your game so you can play cart golf for once. *Note: Even close friends don’t like to help you find your ball every other shot.

2.  Elephant-Muscles – You cannot build muscle memory by hitting 69-120 varied shots in a 4 hour span.  When the club is travelling over 100 miles per hour you cannot count on steering the club to where you want the ball to go.  This feel needs to come natural and that is developed and instilled on the range.

3.  Focus Factor – You should be focusing on where you are going to hit it, not how you are going to hit it.  The less you practice the more unnatural hitting the ball will become.  Quality ball striking comes from hitting numerous quality shots.

4.  Plan for the future – Everyone misses golf shots, you’ve watched Tiger.. the driving range will allow you to know where your miss tendencies are so that when you are on the course you can develop a more strategic game-plan to shave strokes; the rule abiding way.

5.  How Far? – Distance control is developed on the range.  How can you know what to pull from 165 without hitting a few shots with each club.  Golf is a game of precision; if you pull the wrong club you are just throwing away strokes.

Can you think of any other reasons why hitting on the range is important and necessary?  Post them on our facebook page: Click Here!


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