Gold Membership Details

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  • Add Unlimited Tournaments
  • Admin Your Golf Course Page
  • Online Player Registration
  • Google Advertising Campaign – Configured by GolfTourney Staff 


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  • Allow Players to Pre-Pay Online*
  • Gold Support – Answers within 2 Days
  • Backlink to Your Website Aiding in Your SEO

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$50 Per Month

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GolfTourney Staff will configure your campaign on Google for you!  GolfTourney will earmark 25% of the funds to market your tournament on Google.  If the full amount of funds allotted for the tournament are not used by the date of the tournament then will acquire the remaining balance. The link for the tournaments from the marketing campaigns will forward to the corresponding tournament/event page on  *$1.30 per ticket and 5% Processing Fee Will Be Deducted to Cover Our Fees for Providing this Service.  These funds will be subtracted by GolfTourney before Paypal transfer of balance of funds to tournament provider.

This reoccurring membership can be cancelled at any time. To cancel the user must do so in their subscriptions account access from GolfTourney, and/or Paypal to cancel reoccurring payments. Portions of months will not be refunded or prorated.  Golf Database, LLC (DBA is not responsible or liable for any loss of you or your affiliated companies personal assets or personal information being misused or sold with or without our permission. Golf Database, LLC is will not sell or use your personal payment information as said company does not have access to said information if Paypal is the used payment option.  By making this purchase you have read and understand the current terms of this contract.  You also understand that the terms of this agreement may change without notice.  If you have any questions Contact Us before you buy!


Your privacy is important to us and we will never rent or sell your information.



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