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The 2022 Mollner Open is a format golf tournament. It is located at Elmwood Golf Course in the fine city of Omaha, NE. The event is set to play on August 21, 2022. MORE INFO

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August 21, 2022

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Elmwood Golf Course

6232 Pacific Street, Omaha, NE 68106

Omaha, NE


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RSVP Tickets for 77th Annual Mollner Open

The consensus this year is to go to Elmwood Golf Course. The after golf food and awards location is to be determined. 10:30 Check-in 11:00 tee time.

Click on TICKETS to RSVP by purchasing a ticket , or select pay later to do paypal, venmo, or check that day. You can also let us know you can’t make it.


We will most likely continue the fun with some pin prizes and possibly some other activities along the course – and we would also like to add a team name competition 🙂 If you want to participate that day but don’t want to golf, please contact Cameron! Any team preferences please let us know.


A scramble is one of the most common formats for golf tournaments. For the non-golfers, the game is played by a team of four players where each member hits their ball throughout the match. The team chooses the best shot from the first stroke and uses the same spot for each player. Teams will be selected and distributed closer to the date!

Event Organizers:

Cameron Kroll , Contact event using the form below., (402) 212-6450 (Benjamin Kroll’s Spouse)

Benjamin Kroll , Contact event using the form below.,

(402) 578- 4815 – Son of Mary Kroll (Mollner)

Jim & Mary Mollner

Contact event using the form below., (402) 669-1200


A Family Tradition (thanks to the help of Dave Mollner and Amy McCarthy (Mollner))

Albert Mollner Sr. long awaited the return of his four sons Albert Jr., Em, Leo, and Bob from military duty in WWII. As founder of the Mollner Meat Market in 1893, a long-time South Omaha staple located at the corner of 16th & Martha Streets, family meant everything to Albert. A family get together with golf, along with sons Heine and Raymond (Ray later served in Korean War) was planned for September 1, 1946. Sadly he never saw his wish come true as he passed away unexpectedly early that morning.

But as the sons thought so highly of their father, they decided to keep his dream alive and planned the Inaugural Mollner Golf Tournament the following month in 1946 at Elmwood Park. It would be the six brothers, just as their dad had wished, with the youngest son Ray taking home the honors by besting his older brothers. At the end of the round, the Mollner brothers made a pact to honor their father by returning every year to play golf and celebrate family.

The family golf tournament has been held each year since then. At first it was just the six brothers, but as they married and had children the numbers of golfers have grown. In 1989, the first women were invited to play in the tournament. Within two years, it had its first female champion when Judy Mollner took home the honors. Then in 2013, to get more families involved in the event, the format moved to a four-person best ball. The eligibility rules are kept simple: all golfers must be a member of the Mollner clan or married into the family.

A special trophy with the mounted driver heads of the deceased brothers, Heine, Al, Em and Leo is awarded to the team with the highest score. Soon after Bo and Raymond passed, their drivers were added to the special trophy. Why for the highest score? “Because a golf score doesn’t count for much with this clan, it’s family that counts!” Says Jim Mollner.

Last year was the 75th anniversary! Mollner family members from Georgia and Arizona will come to help celebrate the 76th tourney with 30-40 golfers. The six sons may no longer be with us, but their passion for family lives on through their sons, daughters & cousins who celebrate their memory by playing in the Omaha tournament every year.

Event Organizers:

Cameron Kroll , Contact event using the form below., (402) 212-6450 Benjamin Kroll’s Spouse

Benjamin Kroll , Contact event using the form below., (402) 578- 4815 – Son of Mary Kroll (Mollner)

We want to thank each and every one who has kept this tradition alive. This event wouldn’t be possible without them.

2022 Mollner Open

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