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The AAU Ohio District State Golf Championship Scramble is a Charity format golf tournament. It is located at Walden Ponds Golf Club in the fine city of Hamilton, OH. The event is set to play on June 11, 2023. MORE INFO

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June 11, 2023

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Walden Ponds Golf Club

6090 Golf Club Lane, Hamilton, OH 45011

Hamilton, OH


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We’re back for our 2nd Annual AAU Ohio District Golf Scramble Championships!

Sunday, June 11th-2pm Shot Gun Start

Opening Ceremony and warm-ups 1pm

Hosted by Rob Gerhardt

AAU Golf Ohio District Sports Director



The current USGA Rules of Golf and the Rules of Golf will govern all competitions, with

the exception of the following rules, which are in effect for AAU Golf National Scramble

competitions. Any additional local rules will be presented before play begins. All players

must have an active, current AAU Golf Athlete Membership.

1) All players tee off at each hole. The best or strategic shot is then selected as the spot

from which the next shots will be played. The ball(s) of the other team member(s) are

then picked up and moved to that spot. From that location, all team members will play a

second shot. This same procedure is followed until the ball is holed.

1B) Men tee off from the white tees and women from the red tees. Seniors may play

senior tees.

2) All team members may clean and place their ball. The balls are to be placed within

one club length of the landing spot, no closer to the hole(except on the green, where a

ball marker shall be placed within one putter head length to the right or left of the ball to

ensure that all balls will be played from the same location).

3) If a selected shot is played from a hazard, bunker or the rough, the ball must be

placed within a club length of the original position, no nearer the hole, and must remain

in the hazard, bunker or the rough. When the hazard is a bunker, the bunker may be

raked after each shot. The grass surrounding the sand bunker is not part of the hazard.

If any part of the ball rests on a hazard line, it is considered to be in the hazard.

4) A ball may not be placed on the green when the selected location is off the green.

5) Continuous putting is encouraged to speed up play. A team may knock in a short putt

before trying to sink a long putt.

6) When a selected ball is eligible for relief under the USGA Rules, relief should be

taken before marking the selected location.

7) Threesomes are permitted to rotate a fourth shot from each ball location. In

other words, one person will be hitting twice from each shot position. However,

the person hitting two shots cannot do so consecutively.(For example, it’s player

A’s turn to hit two shots. The other team members must play their ball in between

player A’s two shots.)

The rotation should be set at the beginning of the round, and remain constant


An example of this would be:

Hole 1 shot 1: ABCA

Hole 1 shot 2: BCAB

Hole 1 shot 3: CABC

Hole 1 shot 4: ABCA

Hole 2 shot 1: BCAB

You cannot decide half way thru the round, or at a tough hole for example, who’s

shot is played. It must be consistent through the round.

8) A minimum number of drives must be used from each player on the team. a)

In a 4-Player Scramble, each team in all flights must use three drives from each

player. b) In a 2-Player Scramble, each team in all flights must use six drives

from each player. c) Each player’s required drives must be clearly indicated on

the scorecard.

9) Violation of the AAU Golf National Scramble Scramble Rules will result in a

team being disqualified.

10) AAU Golf National Scramble Pace of Play Policy will be in effect.

11) All puts must be holed out, no gimmies.

12) No mulligans are allowed.

13) In the event of a tie, the staff will compare the scorecard of the teams who

have tied, starting with the hole that is the number 1 handicap, continuing until

one team has the lowest score on a hole.

14) GHIN handicaps are not counted in this event.

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