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The St. Bernard's Golf Tournament is a Unspecified golf tournament. It is located at Wachusett Country Club in the fine city of West Boylston, MA. The event is set to play on October 21, 2019. MORE INFO

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October 21, 2019

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Wachusett Country Club

187 Prospect St

West Boylston, MA


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As a first time pastor you have all these grandiose ideas that you can do this and that to grow and assist the parish community that has been entrusted to your care. You have every desire to make the parish grow and sometimes you “jump the gun” and think there is one particular event that will assist in bringing a revitalization or new attention to the good works that are being done. I have been blessed to have the encouragement of many individuals that have offered support in numerous areas over my past years at St. Bernard’s of Our Lady of Providence Parish.

My intent with establishing an annual golf tournament to be held July 29th was to bring an awareness to the good works that are taking place. This certainly has happened, however, when hosting such an event you want to ensure that the outcome will be successful as possible. It is easy to lose focus on what might be gained and in hindsight you might lose focus on what is most important. Originally our golf tournament was scheduled for August and the neighborhood teens who would benefit realized they would be in school and wouldn’t be able to assist. We decided to move it earlier to the next available date which happened to be Monday July 29th. I cannot lie, my ego got in the way thinking this would be a possible task to attain. However, I have come to realize that getting the necessary sponsors, foursomes, and raffle items would require a great deal more work. I have become preoccupied with filling sponsor spots and foursomes that I have diverted my attention from where it truly needs to be this summer, that is my kids.

As a result, I’ve got to humbly reschedule the current tournament date. We are not where it needs to be. I apologize for any sponsors or individuals that has donated or current foursomes that have signed up. Please know that you will be reimbursed fully and gift certificates will be returned. I will personally be in contact with you these next few days. My wishful hope would be to host a golf tournament at a future date to promote and assist the good works for the community that St. Bernard’s serves at the Lincoln St. neighborhood. I will however, not finalize that date without first ensuring that my participation will not impact my family community in a negative way. Thank you for the continual prayers and support.

St. Bernard's Golf Tournament

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