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Guest Post By: Bird Golf Academy

When someone begins golf, it can be difficult to master it or even begin to master it. Golf is a sport that requires a lot more than most sports. You need concentration, knowledge of the sport, and drive. There are a few tips that will help even the beginner play like a pro!

1.    Take Aim

You need to take dead aim. This means your club, shoulders, knees, feet, and hips! Keep in mind that most golfers who are right-handed will aim right. This does not mean that the ball will end up going right because when a person swings, it is compensated there. You will want to aim every time you are going to take a swing; you also want to make sure that all your body parts are aligned.

2.    Solid Stance

You want to have a solid stance so that you have the most power behind your swing. Having a solid stance means that your legs are wide. You do not want your legs too wide. You want to feel solid, balanced, and stable. You want to build your swing from the ground up. A great swing starts with a good stance.

3.    Posture

Posture is the best thing that you can do for your golf swing. You want to ensure you have good posture. This means bending or tilting by the hips. Many people bend or tilt at their waist which is not good. It doesn’t provide you with the necessary tools you need to perfect your game.

4.    Grip

Having an improper grip will not allow you to get a good swing. You should practice holding your club even when you aren’t on the driving range. You may even take a club into the house and hold it on occasion. This will help you get a feel for where your hands need to go. Your grip should come naturally after a little while.

5.    Down Swing with the Hips

Many people make this mistake. Many people start their downswing with their upper body. When you are properly down swinging, you will be bumping your hips and then having your upper body follow the movement. For example, when you throw a baseball, you start with your hips and the upper body follows. This is how your downswing should be.

6.    Practice at the Range

Before you head to the course, you should head to the driving range. This should be your home for a while. You want to learn the trade before you step onto the course. When you are at the range, you should have about fifty balls. These fifty balls should last you about thirty minutes. When preparing to swing, make sure that you are taking two practice swings per ball. This will help you on the course. You should practice like you mean it. Practicing without purpose is awful and if you aren’t going to practice with a purpose you might as well not go.

7.    Leave the Driver

Your practice sessions should start with a wedge and move through the clubs. However, you don’t want to use longer clubs until you are hitting with shorter ones consistently. In fact, avoid your driver for the first 18 months of playing could be best for beginners!

Learning to golf on your own can be difficult. That is why you may want to enlist the help of a golf school. Bird Golf Academy is there for beginners and pros alike who are wanting to learn more about their golf game. No need to be ashamed as we are all here for the same purpose, to learn to better our game.

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