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Guest Post by: Anne Smith

The latest infographic on golf carts by Golf Cart Garage, “Prolonging Your Golf Cart’s Battery Life” provides details on why you should never push these convenient carriers beyond their limits.

Like with any battery-run vehicles, specific factors can contribute to the diminishing life span of a golf cart.

In general, shortened battery life is caused by going over the regular capacity of a golf cart in terms of weight and speed. The infographic highlights common mistakes made by drivers and why these should be avoided at all costs.

Considering that batteries are the power juice of golf carts, the importance of giving them the right amount of attention and care is crucial.

If you prefer to continue riding out the greens of your favorite golf course inside the convenient and relaxing enclosure of your cart for the rest of your gaming life, you can take advantage of the infographic’s suggestions on how you can play a more active role in improving the golf cart’s battery health.

It enumerates key takeaways in prolonging a golf cart’s lifespan, which includes, but is not limited to, the adverse effects of emptying and overcharging batteries, not turning off electronic components inside the carriage, driving long and steep distances, using distilled water instead of tap, and allowing dirt buildup.

One of the significant factors that weaken batteries is corrosion. The accumulation of grime over time can also be harmful to your vehicle. Negative charges have a vital role to play in increasing its life expectancy. There’s also a secret ingredient revealed that you could apply to battery terminals to give them extra protection.

Though seeking professional help is always good advice, the infographic focuses on the little but equally significant things you can do from your end that would improve and extend the golf cart’s battery life. Golf Cart Garage, a family-owned business catering to the needs of golf cart owners and enthusiasts, offers its expertise for more details on battery chargers and accessories.

Here’s the infographic:  

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