Loma Golf Bag

When a golf company has a product with a tagline “When all you need is a few clubs, this is your bag.” then you could come to expect that the bag is small and light. What you might not assume in reading that tagline is how feature packed and functionally capable the bag could actually be. Enter, The Loma Golf Bag from @sundaygolf

My Round:
The Setting: I played the 9-hole Executive Course at The Country Club at Wakefield Plantation in Raleigh, NC. The course is short, even from the back tees boasts a whopping 2570 yards and a par 34. It was about 83*F and 80% humidity and slightly overcast, so a great day to walk a hilly golf course (smirk). I walked the entire round in about 2 hours and my Apple Watch calculated that it was about 4 miles in total.

What’s in the Loma bag?
I was able to fit 6 clubs into the bag. 4 iron, 6 iron, Pitching wedge, Sand wedge, Gap Wedge, and my putter. I was able to fit about 6 golf balls, 5 tees, my range finder, phone, keys, a water bottle, and a Sunday Golf Towel (more info on this later).

Round Notes:
At the moment I am a scratch golfer (currently, GHIN +.2) so when I play this 9-hole course I typically shoot at or under par. Average is probably a 32 or 33. I was semi-concerned that I would not have enough clubs to be able to play an effective round at the course because there is a 500 yard par 5 and a 207 yard par 3. I was able to take 4 iron off the tee on par 4s & the one par 5, and hit a 6 iron into the 207 yard par 3. Everything else on the course is a form of a wedge into the green and then the flat stick to finish. I ended up shooting 4 over for the round with a double on the par 5.. The 6 iron wasn’t long enough into the wind to clear a waterway on my 2nd shot on the par 5.. If I had my full set with me I likely would’ve pulled a 5 iron to ensure that I cleared the hazard so that one strike cost me at least 2 strokes. (Note: I could’ve and should’ve just pulled 4 iron but I didn’t want to reach the bunkers that sit about 70 yards out which would’ve been better than the outcome but still not ideal. That situation was the only real area that I felt like I could’ve used a 6th club, otherwise, for an executive golf course this was a much superior experience to play with such a light and compact golf bag that it almost felt like I was walking and a caddy was carrying my bag. A way different experience than when I walked the course a few days before with my Titleist hybrid 14 golf bag (which is much larger and heavier) where I felt every step (but at least I had 8 other clubs that were just along for the ride.


–Very light (compared to any other golf bag, namely the Titleist Hybrid 14)
–Sleek and thin (no extra materials were used on this bag that do not serve a functional purpose).
–Stand bag (automatic retractability)
–Golf glove velcro strip
–Fits easily into your car (and maybe your pocket 😉 )
–Outside Tee slots for 6 tees was super-convenient
–Single Strap that can be moved to one side or the other
–Dedicated drink cooler (with reflective material)
–Soft pocket for phone and other valuables
–Mesh pocket, I used for range finder
–Pocket for golf balls (probably 6-8 could fit)
–Side pocket, could probably fit a wind/rain jacket
–Handle to carry or easily move the bag

–No slot/sleeve/pulls for umbrella
— 5 clubs was pretty tight, but they do market this as ‘a few clubs’ so at 5 I overshot their advertising by 40%. I’d say 4 clubs is the sweet spot.
— Handle can get in the way a bit (sometimes the strap hangs on the handle when you pick up the bag).
–Not a lot of balls could fit in designated pocket, so if you are pretty wild with your game you could run out of balls (Note: you could use other pockets like the side big pocket for more balls)

Loma Golf Bag Conclusion:

If you are in a similar situation where you have access to a practice course, a par 3 course, an executive course, or just want to hit balls on a practice complex at a range this bag is a great buy. It has a lot more bells and whistles (sans the actual bells and whistles) than I expected and I would highly suggest looking into this for your golf arsenal. I’d suggest that you would still want to keep your full size standbag for tournament play or ‘full size’ courses but there is definitely a spot in your house/garage/car for this bag to have it when you need it.

Sunday Golf Towel

If you are a golfer accustomed to walking (as opposed to riding in a cart) and also have a disdain for the amateur look/function of a standard tri-fold clip golf towel then you, like me, have probably lost a lot of towels that you drape over your bag between golf clubs and they fall off as you storm off a green after lipping out a 4 footer for par (not that this has ever happened to me), only to realize two holes later that you dropped your towel and you do not know exactly where nor are you wanting to go back a mile to get it. I believe that this audience is much larger than one might anticipate. I’m happy to introduce you to the Sunday Golf Towel, with a SLIT in the middle of the towel to wrap around a golf club! What a great idea, it almost has me wanting to start cutting holes into all of my towels; but before I do that, and look even more disheveled on the golf course than I already do, I highly suggest the simpler option, buy this towel (I have not been paid to say that). I’ve used this towel for a couple of walking rounds and it has stayed on the bag the entire round. The best I can explain the texture of this towel is that it is sort of a waffley-wax-like. It isn’t overly soft but definitely not uncomfortable to the touch. It is functional to dry the sweat off your hands & forehead, and also grippy enough to clean your clubs.. I used one side for drying sweat and the other side for washing clubs, as I did not want a face full of dirt walking into the 19th hole.

Sunday Golf Towel Conclusion:

Such a fantastic addition to any golf bag (Loma or otherwise).


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