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golfshoe 1By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor

Trading in your old pair of golf shoes can be more difficult than trading in clubs. Once you find a pair you like, letting go is usually put on the back burner as long as possible. Much like golf balls, golf shoe technology has improved dramatically over the years. Not only can a new pair of shoes improve your comfort on the course, but it can also improve your scores if you’re in an old pair or not wearing golf shoes at all. Today, we will look at some tips to keep in mind when looking for some new golf shoes.

Comfort is King

All factors being even, comfort should be the number one thing you’re looking for in a new pair of golf shoes. Spending multiple hours on the course, if you pick an uncomfortable pair you’re going to feel it. Especially if you’re’ a walker, finding a shoe that fits and is comfortable is imperative. Newer shoes have shifted focus to flexibility and compression so finding a comfortable pair shouldn’t be difficult.

Focus On Your Needs

The biggest debate in the golf shoe world is spikes or no spikes. Spikeless shoes have become increasingly popular with their versatility, allowing golfers to wear them both on and off the course. Spikeless shoes seem to have the edge on comfort but spiked golf shoes have their own benefits. If you play early mornings or have an extremely hilly home course, spiked shoes will provide more stability than spikeless and might be the right option for you. Consider your typical playing conditions when debating between shoes and their individual features. If you play evenings in the desert southwest, waterproof golf shoes will be unnecessary and a more breathable, spikeless shoe will probably serve you best.

Like most golf equipment decisions, choosing the right shoe comes down to personal preference. Today’s market is flooded with options so any style preference can easily be found. The all-leather golf shoes of the past that could pass as dress shoes with the spikes removed have been replaced with more stylish, modern options that can be worn on your morning jog as well as at your evening league nine.  The important thing is to make the upgrade and take advantage of the new technology. With the right shoe, you can lower your scores and might even enjoy playing more rounds with your new level of comfort.

About the Author: Brian Neufeld

Brian Neufeld’s background includes more than 15 years of experience in golf course management, specializing in agronomy. Brian uses his knowledge of the game and best practices in turf sustention to create informative pieces for’s readers.

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