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UPDATE: TourneyAlerts are Live!  Click here to learn how you can sign up for free!
GolfTourney Event Notification Emails Coming Soon

Excitement is building at We are nearly ready to launch a new feature that all golfers will be able to utilize!
GolfTourney was created by golfers, so we understand the need for a holistic list of local golf tournaments that thousands of golfers come to our site weekly to find. But what if there was a tool that notified you about events in your area as soon as they are posted online? Well that feature will soon be released to our dedicated user-base. Introducing “Tourney Alerts” a new feature that will be released in the coming weeks that will send you emails when pertinent events are posted within a given number of miles of your zip code. How simple is that!? You will also be able to specify the types of events that you want to get notified about, how often that you want to receive the notifications, and even how many miles from your location that you want to be receiving those notifications. We are ardently building and testing this feature to grow the awareness of golf events throughout the world because this is a game we love. Get ready for an announcement in the next couple weeks with news that this feature is available for use!   Sign up for a free GolfTourney account today to prepare for when these golf tournament notifications are available.


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