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Hole-in-One Coverage/Insurance, Player/Attendee Gifts
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Stellar Hole-In-One
Hole-in-One Coverage/Insurance, Player/Attendee Gifts

Doug Burkert, the founder of Stellar Hole-in-One, announced that it has partnered with Amalgamated Casualty Insurance Company to provide Hole-in-One Prize Insurance that provides a better contest, enhanced sponsorship visibility and greater protection for lower cost.

“Golf is becoming more diverse, with more female players and an aging population of baby boomers. I looked around at the hole-in-one prize coverage industry and it was moving in the wrong direction,” said Burkert. “The insurers are dictating the contest rules and as a result, many golfers feel as if they are playing a carnival contest instead of a hole-in-one contest.”

“Amalgamated Casualty Insurance Company is rated excellent by A.M. Best and agrees with our view that insurance rules should not dictate changes to the golf course creating artificial tees for hole-in-one contests. The golfers know when conditions are not normal, and arbitrary changes detract from the sponsorship, the event value, and the golfer’s fun,” said Burkert. “The USGA is seeking to modernize the game of golf and make it more appealing to attract and keep new golfers. Our hole-in-one prize insurance is designed to let all golfers, especially women, always have a normal shot at big prizes from regular tees.”

Golf plays a critical role in local charity fundraising throughout the country. People gather, have fun, learn about the cause and contribute. Hole-in-One contests are an integral part of the fundraising effort by providing vital sponsorship opportunities. “Stellar is building sponsorship value also by including a sponsor name or logo on every sign. Sponsors can choose to get coverage with or without bonus prizes. We also provide freedom for a sponsor to declare and feature their own product or service as a bonus prize to further inform golfers about their business. Of course, we also have other convenient bonus prize options if the sponsor chooses.”

Stellar Hole-in-One doesn’t impose minimum distances on the course, making it easier to set up events without the need to create tee boxes for insurance rules. Using normal tees makes setup easier and reduces the chance of distance mistakes in the contest. If there is a distance mistake Stellar coverage extends far beyond other prize insurance providers giving extended protection to the sponsor an event.

By partnering with Amalgamated Casualty Insurance Company and Stellar Hole-In-One you can boost the value of sponsorship at charitable golf events and make a better contest for golfers. The ease of service, prize coverage and visibility are unmatched, and pricing is always competitive. You can get a free quote online or by phone.

About Stellar Hole-in-One 
Stellar Hole-in-One was founded by Doug Burkert, a veteran of 25 years in hole-in-one insurance coverage, with experience assisting over 250,000 events worldwide.

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Stellar Hole-In-One
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