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By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor

Most golfers are set in their ways. They’ll play the same course every day, with the same group, with the same tee time in perpetuity. And while we love our home course and our regular companions, the game can often get stale. Tournament golf is a great way to freshen up your routine, see new courses, or burn some downtime on your next business trip. Instead of becoming burnt out by the same old same old every time you hit the course, consider these reasons why you should play in more golf tournaments.

Golf for a Good Cause

The majority of golf tournaments are held as fundraising events for charities or other noble causes. Entry fees are typically higher than a standard green fee, but almost always include a cart, food and drinks, range access, and tournament swag bags. These entry fees benefit the tournament host in their fundraising efforts, and it sure beats paying out skins to your regular playing partners.

New Courses, New Faces

Playing in a golf tournament can also be a great way to see a new course. Many exclusive country clubs allow non-members to play in charity events, giving you an opportunity to play a round on a course you’d typically be unable to access. If you’ve always dreamed of playing that high-end private club across town, keep an eye out for tournaments to finally get your shot.

You don’t always need to worry about forming a team either. A large number of courses and tournaments will accept single golfer sign-ups. You’d be shocked at how many teams show up missing a player or two, and a spot will usually be found for you. While it may sound intimidating to team up with a group of strangers, it’s an excellent way to network and you’ll gain plenty of local course knowledge playing with golfers familiar with the property. If you’re on vacation or a business trip and a course you’ve always wanted to play is hosting a tournament, don’t let that discourage you. Call in advance and see if they can find a team for you, and you might make some new friends or business partners along the way.


Just because you’re playing for a charitable cause doesn’t mean you can’t get something out of the deal as well. Almost all tournaments have hole prizes, ranging from pro shop credit to a new car. All it takes is one good swing to find yourself walking away with more than you showed up with. Prizes are typically awarded for final standings as well, so if you find yourself on the right team, it could end up being quite a profitable day.

These are just a few reasons why tournament golf is an excellent way to break free from your normal golf experience. There is excitement abound, pressure-filled moments, and almost always a great cause benefitting at the end of the day. Next time you’re scheduling an outing with the regulars, or bored in a new town on business, seek out a golf tournament for a unique, exciting way to change your golfing routine.

About the Author: Brian Neufeld

Brian Neufeld’s background includes more than 15 years of experience in golf course management, specializing in agronomy. Brian uses his knowledge of the game and best practices in turf sustention to create informative pieces for’s readers.

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