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GolfTourney is a website designed to help golfers find golf tournaments and for golf tournament providers to advertise their golf tournaments cost effectively.  The internet is full of websites dedicated to the game of golf. That is, websites that are there to help golfers to play better golf, locate golf courses, book tee times, and find information about the PGA Tour – But this website is focused on helping you find golf tournaments. Whether you are looking for USGA sanctioned, Amateur, Junior, or really any type of golf tournament this website is for you! If you are a golf course, charity, chamber of commerce, or any other tournament provider this site is a unique and cost-effective place to market your golf tournaments and advertise your spectacular golf related events. Contact Us for more information and check out our Pricing page.  We are glad you came to GolfTourney now go tell your friends about us!


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The key is to prepare yourself with the RIGHT tools. Your flyer, trifold etc. is not good enough anymore. People want to go online and sign up, they do not want to print out forms and write checks to mail them in. It’s about the convenience and the ability to “do it right now”. And the excuse “oh my golfers are older” is not valid…

We all know the joy of flying – there are separate charges for your seat, for early access, for your carry on, your checked baggage, use of the overhead bin and perhaps there will soon be a charge to use the restroom. And we are all growing tired of it, wishing back the days where you bought your ticket and that was it – go enjoy your flight…

Every golf tournament should be a fun experience for your golfer. But there is a fine line between fun and silly. Golfers in general are a fun group but seeing events where grown men are being pushed into wearing a tutu – well maybe at a kid’s birthday, but not…

Did you ever hear the word “joint venture” in the business world? Why not apply it to your charity and a golf tournament?  Yes, it may be a bold move, but even if it only generates $5,000 – those are 5,000 you would not have otherwise! Most likely you already have a relation with another charity…




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