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The Most Popular Hole Prize Contest Ideas for Your Tournament

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor Charity golf tournaments are typically a jovial affair with more laughs shared than stare downs. That is until a hole prize is on the line. Never will a casual golfer be nearer to PGA levels of pressure than when trying to win that $25 pro shop credit for [...]

Contests should be fun but not silly

Every golf tournament should be a fun experience for your golfer. But there is a fine line between fun and silly. Golfers in general are a fun group but seeing events where grown men are being pushed into wearing a tutu – well maybe at a kid’s birthday, but not…

Preparation Steps for your Next Golf Tournament

Share this! A good golfer knows that preparation can be the difference between a win and a loss, and a better golfer knows what they need to do to prepare for a big upcoming tournament. The issue that a lot of golfers face when competing is finding a good routine to follow before a competition [...]

Our Charity is Too Small to Have a Golf Tournament!

Did you ever hear the word “joint venture” in the business world? Why not apply it to your charity and a golf tournament?  Yes, it may be a bold move, but even if it only generates $5,000 – those are 5,000 you would not have otherwise! Most likely you already have a relation with another charity…

20 Tips to Improve Your Charity Golf Outing

Here are 20 tips to help improve your golf outing

Putting Green: Make your golf outing a yearlong event: If your golf outing is on June 22nd, you shouldn’t begin preparing for this event on June 1st.  Set your date and venue early, you might even want to promote next year’s outing at this year’s event…

Event Pages Get an Epic Facelift

Share this! Raleigh, NC - Information is the key to everything that we do at  If you are visiting the site we know that you likely fit into one of two "buckets" of people: either you need to know key information about golf tournaments happening in your area in real-time or you want the [...]

Golf Performance Part 1

How total body strength, structural balance, and conditioning are more sport-specific than any “so-called” golf specific training protocol By: J.C. Moreau Website: As the sports performance field and its impact on the sport of golf continues to expand and grow in the “Tiger era”, trainers and strength and conditioning professionals continue to attempt to […]

5 Essentials for Playing in Your First Golf Tournament

Share this! By Rob Green Your first tournament is always an exciting event. So far, you’ve played largely to gain experience and enjoy some time to yourself, but now you’ve taken the plunge and you’re entered into an actual, real tournament, in which you actively compete against other players. It can be nerve-wracking the first [...]

Kalona Golf Club

Go to this courses GolfTourney page: Article courtesy of Marc Morehouse -The Cedar Rapids Gazette I’ve unearthed the best golf value in our area. The Kalona Golf Club isn’t massive, measuring 6,256 yards from the blue tees, so the price-per-yard ratio might not calculate the same for everyone. But the weekday rate is $22 for 18 and a cart. [...]

How Golf Handicaps are Calculated

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor The golf handicap system is one of the most misunderstood topics in the golf world. While most veteran golfers know what their handicap is, hardly any of us know what goes into determining that number and how it changes. Here we will take a look at how your [...]


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