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heroicgolfhole Golf Hole Design Styles, Explained Blog Post, Golfer

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By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor Almost all of us look at golf holes the exact same way. We want to know the par of the hole, distance to the flag, and if there are any obstacles we may encounter on
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golftee Golf Wish List for 2020 and Beyond Golfer

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By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor For most of the decade, golf participation was trending downward. That changed in 2018 when golf participation rose for the first time in 14 years. While most of us love golf, we should all be
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golfweighttrain Weight Training Tips for Your Golf Game Golfer, Strength and Conditioning

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By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor As cold weather blankets the majority of the country, most golfers put their clubs away and forget about the sport until the spring thaw. While we’ve covered some tips to get through the offseason before,
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kidgolf Getting Your Kids to Love Golf Golfer

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By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor With course closures and dwindling rounds, it’s imperative to find the next generation of golf enthusiasts. Spending four or more hours outdoors isn’t necessarily a high priority for today’s youth and the game of golf
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Staying Safe on the Golf Course


Preparation Steps for your Next Golf Tournament

Share this! A good golfer knows that preparation can be the difference between a win and a loss, and a better golfer knows what they need to do to prepare for a big upcoming tournament. The issue that a lot of golfers face when competing is finding a good routine to follow before a competition [...]

5 Essentials for Playing in Your First Golf Tournament

Share this! By Rob Green Your first tournament is always an exciting event. So far, you’ve played largely to gain experience and enjoy some time to yourself, but now you’ve taken the plunge and you’re entered into an actual, real tournament, in which you actively compete against other players. It can be nerve-wracking the first [...]

Are you marketing your tournament as well as you can?

The key is to prepare yourself with the RIGHT tools. Your flyer, trifold etc. is not good enough anymore. People want to go online and sign up, they do not want to print out forms and write checks to mail them in. It’s about the convenience and the ability to “do it right now”. And the excuse “oh my golfers are older” is not valid…

Finding Golf Courses to Host a Golf Event Staff is excited to announce that it will soon be launching a platform (much like the popular Event Vendor Marketplace) specifically for Golf Courses to promote themselves as event hosts to Golf Event Coordinators worldwide.  On this platform, golf courses will have a detailed profile to add all of their course information like it's unique [...]

How Golf Handicaps are Calculated

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor The golf handicap system is one of the most misunderstood topics in the golf world. While most veteran golfers know what their handicap is, hardly any of us know what goes into determining that number and how it changes. Here we will take a look at how your [...]

New Rules in Golf and How They Impact You

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor In 2019, the USGA implemented a moderate amount of new rules for golf with a focus on improving the pace of play. While most charity or fundraising tournaments are played in a more relaxed manner and often under special rules, it’s important to stay up to date on [...]

Fixing a Divot, Ball marks, and Other Course Damage

By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor There’s nothing worse than hitting a great putt, tracking straight to the hole, and watching it jump two inches offline because it hit an old, unrepaired ball mark. Repairing the damage you cause on the golf course should already be a part of your on-course routine but there is a […]

Golf Performance Training Pt III

Golf Performance Training Part III: One of the two most common “Dysfunctional Syndromes” found in golf athletes and how to correct it. By: J.C. Moreau Website: As we discussed in our last article, when many of thus think of poor balance or “balance training” we revert back to some high wire walking act or standing […]

Kalona Golf Club

Go to this courses GolfTourney page: Article courtesy of Marc Morehouse -The Cedar Rapids Gazette I’ve unearthed the best golf value in our area. The Kalona Golf Club isn’t massive, measuring 6,256 yards from the blue tees, so the price-per-yard ratio might not calculate the same for everyone. But the weekday rate is $22 for 18 and a cart. [...]


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