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Origins of the Bunker

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor The sand trap, or bunker, is perhaps the most loathed hazard you will encounter on a golf course. If you hit it into a water hazard, you can simply drop a new ball and try again. Find yourself in a sand trap, however, and things can quickly turn [...]

Weight Training Tips for Your Golf Game

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor As cold weather blankets the majority of the country, most golfers put their clubs away and forget about the sport until the spring thaw. While we’ve covered some tips to get through the offseason before, one crucial element we did not include is weight training. From increasing power [...]

The Most Popular Hole Prize Contest Ideas for Your Tournament

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor Charity golf tournaments are typically a jovial affair with more laughs shared than stare downs. That is until a hole prize is on the line. Never will a casual golfer be nearer to PGA levels of pressure than when trying to win that $25 pro shop credit for [...]

How Golf Courses Prepare For Tournaments

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor Tournaments large and small have a ton of moving parts for all departments at golf courses. Pro shops typically deal with the brunt of the work involved. Creating pairings and tee times, making scorecards and boards, and dealing with golfer check-in are just a few of the tasks [...]

Are you marketing your tournament as well as you can?

The key is to prepare yourself with the RIGHT tools. Your flyer, trifold etc. is not good enough anymore. People want to go online and sign up, they do not want to print out forms and write checks to mail them in. It’s about the convenience and the ability to “do it right now”. And the excuse “oh my golfers are older” is not valid…

America, The Golf Course: Best 18 Public Courses Part Two

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor In Friday’s post, we compiled all of the major golf rankings to find the best nine public golf courses in the Eastern United States to form the front nine of our giant country-sized golf course. Today, we are going to examine the best nine public courses in the [...]

Getting Your Kids to Love Golf

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor With course closures and dwindling rounds, it’s imperative to find the next generation of golf enthusiasts. Spending four or more hours outdoors isn’t necessarily a high priority for today’s youth and the game of golf carries certain stigmas that may turn away a lot of younger players. So [...]

Golf Wish List for 2020 and Beyond

Share this! By: Brian Neufeld, Contributor For most of the decade, golf participation was trending downward. That changed in 2018 when golf participation rose for the first time in 14 years. While most of us love golf, we should all be in agreement that there’s room for improvement to help grow the sport’s popularity. [...]

It’s All About a ‘Thank You’!

So, you held your tournament at a local golf course and everyone had a great time. You met your fundraising goal and are happy that your cause was supported in a great way. The tournament is over, you are already thinking in the back of your head about the next year.  But wait, didn’t you forget something? …

Event Pages Get an Epic Facelift

Share this! Raleigh, NC - Information is the key to everything that we do at  If you are visiting the site we know that you likely fit into one of two "buckets" of people: either you need to know key information about golf tournaments happening in your area in real-time or you want the [...]


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