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16 Ideas for Throwing a ‘Killer’ Golf Event

Make your golf event one that people will want to play in again next year.

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1. Acquiring a Recognizable Golf Event Sponsor

• Acquiring Titleist, TaylorMade, Ping, or Callaway sponsor your event may not be easy to achieve but if you are able to get one of those notable golf related brands to sponsor your event it hikes up the legitimacy of your event through brand association. Players feel as though they are playing in a important event.  Getting a national brand may be a bit far fetched but at the very least snag some local sponsors for your event so that you can promote local business and simultaneously make more money for your event.

2. Hole-In-One Prizes

• An enjoyable golf event has Hole-In-One Prizes. Giving the golfer an opportunity to play golf and be rewarded for that once in a lifetime shot is something that will make this event different than another day on the course.

3. Tee Prizes/Player Gifts

• Giveaways are always great. You would typically give golfers something that they can walk away with. Gift Cards, Coupons, Golf Tees, Bag Tags, and Sun Glasses are just a few of the many things that you can provide to your golfers. At the end of this article we will give you some great sources to find many of the items mentioned.

4. Raffle Ticket Giveaways

• If you are a charity golf event you can go around to local businesses and request giveaways for your event. At the end of the round as golfers hand in their scorecards you can give each golfer a raffle ticket. After everyone has completed their rounds and gathered for the banquet at the end of the event you would do a live drawing for the prizes that you have acquired to give away.

5. Auctions

• Auctioning off signed sports memorabilia, golf clubs, clothing, and hats is a great way for golf tournaments to raise more money for their cause.

6. Long Drive Prize

• The golfer with the longest drive in the event on a specific hole should always be awarded a prize.

7. Closest to the Pin Prize

• The golfer with the shot closest to the pin on a specific hole should always be awarded a prize. This can also be the closest approach shot on a par 4 wins a prize.

8. Closest to the white line in the center of the fairway.

• Using a can of spray paint or baseball chalk the course or tournament provider (with permission from the course) would create a line down the center of a specific holes fairway.

9. Winner Prizes

• The winning player/team wins a prize. Obvious, right?

10. Prizes by Flight (aka. Flighting)

• Example: 1st-5th win a prize but so do 14-20th, 34th-40th, etc.

11. Sell/Give-Away Mulligans

• Charity tournaments can sell a given number of mulligans for a given amount of dollars each. Typically $10 per mulligan with a limit of two per player.

12. Beer/Drink Tokens

• Added incentive to give to your players to use as they wish throughout the round.

13. Free Drink/Snack Cart

• Assistants ride around on a cart giving away free drinks and snacks provided by the organization. All tips go back to the charity.

14. Hire a Niche Hole Event Company

Typically the niche hole event company will fully manage the event on a particular hole agreed upon by you. They typically split the profits with the tournament provider when they “sell” their service to the golfers.

• Shoot the Golf Ball Out of a M4 Rifle instead of your driver.

• Recycled Golf Ball vs. Regular Golf Ball • Hoola Hoops in the Fairway

15. Golf Related Scratch Off Cards

• Give players a chance to win other than their ability to play the game of golf. Some will have better luck with the lottery than they will with the actual game.

16. Including Cart, Lunch, and/or Dinner

• When you add meals to any event it adds another level of experience. Giving players a chance to regal in the beautiful or beautifully horrible shots that they hit during the event will help to create memories, engagement, and return play.


Resources 2, 3, 5, 15 –Tournament Pros 14 – Launch that Event does not want you to kill people or attempt to kill people by any method, ever.

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