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By Martina Schramm

So, you held your tournament at a local golf course and everyone had a great time. You met your fundraising goal and are happy that your cause was supported in a great way. The tournament is over, you are already thinking in the back of your head about the next year.  But wait, didn’t you forget something? Chances are many tournament organizers, charities don’t do what we normally all do when someone does something for us – we say “thank you”. And the same should apply for your golf tournament. Of course, you express this to the contact your worked with at the course, no doubt about it. However, there are many helping hands to make your tournament a success starting with the guys who handle the bags at check in, the cart boys, the drink cart lady, the maintenance worker putting out signage and the list goes on. You can’t go and thank everyone in person, but there is a very easy way to get the thank you out to everyone.

Ask the director of golf when most of the staff is normally present. Depending on what he tells you order breakfast from a local coffee shop with coffee and donuts, or order pizzas for lunch. Create a flyer he can post for the staff expressing that you are thankful for all the big and little tasks they performed to make your tournament a success and would like to treat them.  Never underestimate the power of the word thank you, it leaves your name with everyone.  And don’t be surprised if for example the drink cart lady tells the members “oh charity X was so nice and brought in lunch for us all, it’s a great cause!”

You don’t just want your tournament to be remembered as a great event but also your organization as someone in the community who values people no matter who they are. This makes you stand out all around.

About the Author: Martina Schramm

Mrs. Schramm has an extensive background in marketing and PR for national and international companies. She has been producing golf tournaments since 2004 and is a certified golf tournament advisor. In 2012 she co-founded Launching4Charity offering a unique closest to the pin contest on a par4 with the Golf Ball PRO Launcher (TM) and developed a special ball, the Dart Golf Ball (TM) together with her partner. The company has grown into Par4Enterainment, LLC with locations throughout the US offering nationwide services. She has been involved in more than 1000 tournaments over the years and loves to share her insight and experience with tournament planners and charities. Her belief is that a golf tournament should be seen as an event and not just 18 holes of fundraising for one day. 
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