When do people register for golf tournaments

We often get event coordinators who are looking for more information on the best days to promote their event to have the greatest return on their investment (whether that be time investment or monetary investment).

According to GolfTourney.com registration data between 2013 through 2019, the majority of players and sponsors register online for golf tournaments Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and register an average of 23 days from the event date.

Golfer/Sponsor Registration by Day of the Week

  • Sunday 8%
  • Monday 20%
  • Tuesday 20%
  • Wednesday 18%
  • Thursday 14%
  • Friday 16%
  • Saturday 5%


In reaction to these numbers you will find that you efforts are best spent in the earlier part of the work-week rather than the latter or on weekends.  People are playing golf, spending time with family, getting house work done, and relaxing towards the end of the week and on weekends to send your email blasts, make your phone calls, take people out to lunch, on Monday through Wednesday 3-4 weeks before your event date for the best ROI. 


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